Waste Water Treatment

 Zero Liquid Discharge

We implement ‘Carrier Gas Extraction’ which has won multiple patents and is a product of MIT, Boston. This is disruptive technology in water evaporation and has significant advantages over current technologies. CGE has the potential to change the whole scenario for water evaporation in waste water. eSPL has tie up with the MNC to convert orders and enjoy special status of O&M Partners for the region.

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 Sewage Treatment Plants

We promote ‘Membrane Bio Reactors’ which is one of the few truly modular STPs that are versatile and adapt to any urban scenarios. Through our technology partners we work with membranes from Japan, Singapore, Europe and China. eSPL directly handles the clients, project execution and maintenance.

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 Effluent Treatment Plant

Our ETPs are based on award winning technology of ‘Advanced Nano Oxidation’. This futuristic technology has been vetted, admired and recognized by United Nations as well as representatives from more than 35 countries. Through our technology partners, eSPL is implementing these systems across India.


System Automation is an integral part of our systems. All our systems are automated to optimum extent to ensure minimal human intervention and give maximum productivity. Our own algorithms in Remote Monitoring give us the freedom to optimize the monitoring to keep it practical and economically feasible.