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Solution Pvt Ltd (eSPL)

Envirowisers Solution Pvt Ltd (eSPL) is a fledgling company with a team that is highly motivated to achieve success. Our company is principally driven by our Core Values, Vision and Mission.

With an undivided focus on Environment, we believe in establishing a circular economy by identifying the core issues and the delivering cutting edge solutions that give the best results to the society. This pursuit for latest and optimized solutions has led us to develop an interesting portfolio of products as well as client base. Our network has enabled us to be with the right people, talk to the right people and at the right time. Thus making Technology meet Necessity.

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Our two directors – Ms.Chitra and Mr.Murali are the driving forces who are constantly guiding the company in right direction while always having a holistic approach for strategic growth in all our business verticals.
In eSPL, we identify a technology, align it to the company’s principles and develop a team to independently handle the technology. Hence we partner with providers of innovative technology and give them a wider base to spread the technology. Each technology is mostly handled by their providers while we fill in the gaps to ensure seamless work flow and smooth customer experience throughout the life cycle of the technology.


"Protect the environment and Create wealth to give next level of living standards for all our stakeholders namely, Employees, Partners, Vendors, Clients, Owners, Society and Environment."


"Create harmony between human activity and natural processes by developing and nourishing innovations that restore natural balance in our environment."


  •  Establish eSPL as the hub for innovative solutions to protect our Environment.
  •  Install cumulative of 20 MLD Waste Water Treatment systems.
  •  Handle 100 TPD of Industrial Solid Waste.
  •  Handle 3 TPD of E-Waste.
  •  Install cumulative of 10 MW Solar Electrification

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